Take a virtual tour of the Museo dei Bozzetti in Pietrasanta


As we mention in the post above, the Museo dei Bozzetti, in Pietrasanta, is well worth a visit… but if you are unable to drop by anytime soon, you can always take a virtual tour of the impressive museum.

The MdB, or Museo dei Bozzetti is home to models in clay, marble, wood and other materials by over 300 Italian and international artists from all over the world. It is located in the Cloister of the Sant’Agostino Art Complex in Pietrasanta’s historic center.

The interface is a bit clumsy, but you can see the collection and read about the individual models as you go. Take the virtual tour of MdB, linked here.

We reprint some information on the Museum and its Collection from the MdB website:

The Museum

 | museodeibozzetti.it | museodeibozzetti.it

“The Museo dei Bozzetti (Maquettes’ Museum) “Pierluigi Gherardi” was born in 1984 in Pietrasanta, as a result of initiatives promoted by Jette Muhlendorph, that had the purpose to document the artistic activity of the sculptors that everyday come here from the whole world to realize their own works in the local artisan laboratories. The Museum is an unique institution in its kind; it is the direct reflection of the activity that mostly distinguishes the district apuo-versiliese and in particular Pietrasanta: Sculpture.

A tradition of centuries links in fact this town to the artistic workmanship of marble: the activity of masters by Pietrasanta is attested in different Tuscan centres since the XIV century, further to be testified by the works in the town churches; it is in Pietrasanta that in the XVI century Michelangelo came to sign contracts for the marbles that he wanted to be extracted on the nearby Apuan Alps.

Later, to the activity of the laboratories of marble added the work of artistic foundries of bronze and of the workshops of mosaicists, modellers, and enlargers in clay. In recent ages this life in symbiosis with the art continued and nowadays increasingly develops thanks to the particular skills and mastery of local artisans, today’s followers of the ancient tradition, which attracts sculptors of each part of the world, including the greatest exponents of the contemporary art, that meet here for realizing their own works.

Placed in the sixteenth-century ex-convent of  S. Agostino, the Museum proposes to tell the process of creation and realization of a work in marble and bronze, to enhance generations of artists and to document the indelible traces they have left.

The Collection

 | museodeibozzetti.it | museodeibozzetti.it

Maquettes (in staircase reduced) and models (in real dimensions) represent the initial idea of the sculptor before the translation in finished work. Their dimensions vary from few cm. to some meter and they are realized in various materials, above all chalk. They always tell unique histories of how a sculpture is born and communicate both the creative part, the idea, the dream, the project of what will be, and the technical part, the translation in work with all its variables and its protagonists which is never thought to.

The Museo dei Bozzetti (Maquettes’ Museum) collects today over 600 sketches and models, mainly in chalk, of sculptures of more of 300 Italian and foreign artists. The works realized on the base of these maquettes can be found in museums, collections and parks of the whole world. This is one reason to visit the exposure: to get an ample panorama of the various artistic tendencies that characterized XX century and to have in this way an ample and general vision of the contemporary sculpture. In the Museum you can see works by Henri Georges Adam, André Bloc, Helaine Blumenfeld, Fernando Botero, Antonio Bozzano, Davide Calandra, Arturo Carmassi, Pietro Cascella, César, Pietro Consagra, Niki De Saint Phalle, Novello Finotti, Jean Michel Folon, Gonzalo Fonseca, Rosalda Gilardi, Emile Gilioli, Gigi Guadagnucci, Jean Robert Ipousteguy, Igor Mitoraj, Costantino Nivola, Isamu Noguchi, Maria Papa, Alicia Penalba, Beverly Pepper, Gio’ Pomodoro, Edoardo Rubino, Carlo Sergio Signori, Ivan Theimer, Giuliano Vangi, Leone Tommasi, Kan Yasuda and many others.

The Museum is provided with a rich documentary file about artists and laboratories, both papery and computerized, that is integrated with the numerous art volumes consultable in the Town Library nearby.

In the detached seat of the Museo dei Bozzetti 2, various theme sections are added to the exposure of the maquettes, that clarify the manifold meanings of the maquette.”

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