Aganetha Dyck, Canadian artist exhibits her “Honeybee Alterations” in Ottowa


The awesome art and culture blog COLOSSAL is often in on the “buzz” in the art world. This week they report on Aganetha Dyck, a Canadian artist, who makes her art with the help of bees.

COLOSSAL states: “Born in Manitoba in 1937, the Canadian artist has long been interested in inter-species communication and her research has closely examined the the ramifications of honeybees disappearing from Earth. Working with the insects results in completely unexpected forms which can be surprising and even humorous. ‘They remind us that we and our constructions are temporary in relation to the lifespan of earth and the processes of nature,’ comments curator Cathi Charles Wherry. ‘This raises ideas about our shared vulnerability, while at the same time elevating the ordinariness of our humanity.'”

Read the complete article, and see more pictures of Aganetha Dyck’s art, on the COLOSSAL page, linked here.

Visit Aganetha Dyck’s website, linked here.





Aganetha Dyck
Honeybee Alterations
From March 3, to April 13th, 2014
The Ottawa School of Art

All photos by Peter Dyck and William Eakin.

Visit The Ottowa School of Art’s website for more information on the exhibition, linked here.



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