Caravaggio tours the States: three (?) masterpieces go on view in Williamburg and Boston


Three works by the Baroque Master go on view in the United States. “The Fortune Teller” and two St Fracis paintings will tour Williamsburg, until the 6th of April, 2014, and then move to Boston, where they’ll wow audiences until the middle of June.

The paintings were painted between 1593 and 1605, and the underpaid Forensic Art Historians at the Art is Life Foundation are raising a fuss, chanting “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!” … or rather they are joining the scores of Art Historians who’ve put the authenticity of the St Francis paintings in question. Our haggard staff points dubiously to the painting of the dying St Francis… and warn: “it’s just too polite, for the Maestro!” … while in “The Fortune Teller” a smiling gypsy woman enthralls a well-dressed youth, … while stealing the ring from his finger…

Below are the two disputed St Francis paintings:



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