The “Salvador Mundi” sold again … this time for 74 million silver coins


The New York Times announced that “Salvator Mundi” – an oil on wood panel painting recently attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci has sold for $74 million. Although the sale of “the Savior of the World” apparently took place last May, news of the betrayaler, sorry, the sale to a buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, … apparently just broke.

The painting measures 65.6cm x 45.4cm, and was painted around the year 1500. It’s an altogether mesmerizing portrait. The attribution took place after the work was restored, in 2010. It was for centuries thought to belong to the “school” of Leonardo, but it wasn’t until layers of laquer and paint had been removed that experts were able to see tell-tale signs of the master’s handiwork… like, for example, a “pentimento” – a change of mind – in the right hand (a correction, typical of Leonardo, and an unlikely feature of a copy).

The attribution is still source of controversy, but we pressed our staff of Forensic Art Historians and they seem “sold” on this one.

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