Coming soon: an App for Pietrasanta, with art, culture, food and shopping information which will be updated in real time


Yes, the City of Art gets an App… the press materials call it “a window always open” on Pietrasanta (and not only Pietrasanta, but the whole surrounding Versilia area. There was a presentation led by Alessandro Balbusso, President of “Le Botteghe di Pietrasanta” this week, which detailed the App’s features.

Through the App – which is available for smart-phones and tablets – one can get listings of events, suggestions of where to eat, tips on special shopping deals, and last-minute sales events.

The App, which is aimed at residents and tourists will be free – the App is scheduled for release on June 1st, and participation by any art-related concern (galleries excepted) is free. Commercial endeavors will pay a yearly fee of 100 euros – which the developers say will be re-invested in Pietrasanta.

For more information, and to be a part of the App, you can contact Alessandro Balbusso at You can also visit Le Botteghe di Pietrasanta’s fb page, linked here, for the latest developments in the run-up to the App’s release.

The photo above is a simulation… a little like Beatlemania… the photo in the tablet is from Wikimedia.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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