The Jury for the Foundation Award is announced and the deadline extended until the 30th of March ____________ 2014 Henraux Foundation Award – In memory of Erminio Cidonio ____________ Second edition

Philippe-Daverio-Photo-Luca-Giarelli)Philippe Daverio, who heads this years’ jury (photo by Luca Giarelli, from Wikimedia)

The Fondazione Henraux announced the names of the members of the Jury – and those of the “Accademici” – for the second edition of the Foundation Henraux International Sculpture Award, which takes place in July, this summer.

The deadline for the submission of projects has also been extended until March 30th, see below for links to the entry forms.

The Jury is headed by the noted Italian art historian, Philippe Daverio, and is made up of: Paolo Carli, President of Henraux Spa and the Fondazione Henraux, the journalists Chiara Beria di Argentine and Michele Bonuomo, by the gallerists Daniele Pescali and Stefano Contini, by the artists Arnaldo Pomodoro, Novello Finotti, Gianluigi Colin and Fabio Viale, who won the 2013 Fondazione Henraux Award.

The Commission of “Accademici dell’Altissimo” includes: Giuseppina Panza di Biumo and Rosa Sandretto, art collectors, by the Designer Betony Vernon, by the architects Franco Raggi, and Luca Scacchetti, the journalist Marco Carminati, the designer and gallery ownera Rossana Orlandi, the Director of Ottagono Aldo Colonetti, by the artists Mimmo Paladino, Park Eun Sun, Pinuccio Sciola, Renzo Maggi and Gianni Manganelli, by Giovanna Bernardini, Councilperson in charge of “Politiche culturali, educative e scolastiche” of the Comune di Carrara, by Jean Blanchaert, gallerist and artist, by Dakin Art, Senior Curator of The Noguchi Museum – New York, and Daniele Crippa, President of the Museo del Parco di Portofino.

Paolo Carli, President of Henraux Spa and of the Fondazione Henraux stated: “The Fondazione Henraux Award is the the only prize in the world awarded for the tradition and work of marble in the various fields of sculpture, design, and architecture. It’s an Award offered to all artists from the world over, and their works will be produced by the Fondazione Henraux with marble from Monte Altissimo.”

The prize will be awarded to three finalists – young artists “under 45” – and is dedicated to the memory of Erminio Cidonio, who brought famous modernists to work in marble in the 60s and 70s. There will be three finalists who will have their projects executed in marble from Monte Altissimo by the Foundation.

The Accademici will select the 20 projects by the 5th of April, and the Jury will select the three winning projects, at their meeting on the 15th of April.

The winners will have the opportunity of spending a residency at the Foundation, during which time they’ll produce their projects with the aid of state-of-the-art technology and help from master artisans. The award is open to Italian and international artists under 45.

The entry form PDF is linked here.

We also link to the English-language page on the Fondazione Henraux website, with details, here.

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Call for Entries: ____________ 2014 Henraux Foundation Award – In memory of Erminio Cidonio ____________ Second edition



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