Pietrasanta’s Gestalt Gallery features the work of Luca Vinciguerra at its Temporary Gallery in Milan


Luca-Vinciguerra-gestalt-Milano-Design-2014This Wednesday, coinciding with the Settimana del Salone del Mobile, a high-profile design event, Pietrasanta’s Gestalt Gallery opens its Temporary Gallery, in Milan and features the work of Luca Vinciguerra.

The versatile artist hails from Livorno; the one-person-exhibition will showcase some of his paintings, some of the artist’s lightboxes – one is pictured above – as well as his StonesChair, which he created out of painted resin to celebrate the English rock band’s anniversary. The artist riffs on pop art themes and surfs pop culture using design and comics elements in his work.

The opening reception is this Wednesday, the 9th of April, 2014, at 7:30pm.

There will be a special concert on Sunday, the 13th of April, by the artist, or rather, featuring an alter ego of the versatile artist.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

Visit the Gestalt Gallery website, linked here.

Luca Vinciguerra
From the 9th of April to the 25th of April, 2014
Gestalt Temporary
Via Savona, 11,

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