The Tuscany Region comes back swinging. ____________ Marble Quarry Closures and the proposed Environmental Protection Plan


Enrico Rossi, the President of Tuscany has upped the ante in the already heated debate taking place over the Region’s proposed Environmental Plan – which sees the closure of some of the marble quarries operating in the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps. The President’s answer to the Quarries’ – and the Mayors of all the Municipalities affected – request to scrap the Plan, is unequivocal, … and sure to displease the Pro-Quarry Coalition.

“The violence with which the quarry industry throws itself against the work of the Region’s Urban Planner and of the Regional Council makes even clearer the necessity of a change in the government of, and the bringing-to-norm of the quarries.” … these are President Rossi’s words – as quoted in a daily – … and they sound like fightin’ words to us.

Rossi placed his complete confidence in the Region’s proposed Plan: “If there’s someone who thinks that the Plan won’t be approved, then they’re dead wrong;” and thus he underscores that he has placed his continued tenure as President of the Region on the passage of the Environmental Plan.

“Even for the Quarries,” continued Rossi,  “the moment has come to change, today we need to work and develop with due respect for the environment.”

To be continued…

The photo above is by Emanuele Lotti, from Flickr.

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