Iconoclasmism ____________ Artist deliberately smashes one of Ai Weiwei’s painted Han Dynasty Urns in protest – the upshot: turns out the iconoclast is a fan of Ai Weiwei and was unaware of the actual value … – the damages: $1,000.000


Miami-based artist Maximo Caminero, walked in the Pérez Art Museum in Miami and picked up one of the Han Dynasty Urns … painted by Ai Weiwei, and threw it on the ground. It appears that Caminero was protesting the Museum’s preference of international artists over local artists in its schedule of exhibitions – a timeless complaint echoed by artists in every city, even recently in Pietrasanta …

It has since transpired that Caminero is actually a fan of Ai Weiwei, and that his “performance” was an ode to one of the Chinese artist’s most famous works, the “Dropping the Han Dynasty Urn” – pictured in the triptych above. The work shows Ai Weiwei dropping the 2000-year-old urn to the floor – in a performance that’s not ultimately too dissimilar from that of Mr. Caminero’s.

Caminero was surprised to find out that the urns in the exhibitions were actual Han Dynasty Urns, (and painted bright colors by Ai Weiwei,) and were each worth millions – he has expressed sorrow for his action… Ai Weiwei has been cooler in his response, calling the protest performance “vandalism.”

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