A Database for Pietrasanta ____________ The Mayor proposes an archive of artists working in the “City of Art”


How many artists work in Pietrasanta? We often talk about an art community in Pietrasanta – the city is called “Italy’s Little Athens” for its busy artistic life – but there are no figures for the actual number of artists doing their thing here. The Mayor wants to change all that and has proposed a “census” of artists and sculptors working in and out of Pietrasanta.

“Whenever I go into a Marble Studio or in a Bronze Foundry” explains Domenico Lombardi, Pietrasanta’s Mayor, “I meet new artists and I learn of new, prestigious collaborations. The Museo dei Bozzetti already offers a significant panorama of the artistic patrimony currently in the territory, but a real census that might describe the reality does not appear to ever have been made.” It was talking with Lorenzo Bruni (who runs BASE, an artists’ collective in Florence, who was in town for last week’s meeting to discuss the creation of an “open space” for artists in town – ed) that the Mayor got the idea to “make better known to the world, our artistic heritage, creating an archive that would catalog the artists working in Pietrasanta. The archive would be accessible online and a printed version would be produced every couple of years” continued the Mayor.

So now the planning phase for eligibility requirements and the like – “At month’s end” continues the Mayor – “we’ll have the structure, and beginning in May we’ll start the registration process. Obviously it will be free for the artists, and the goal is ‘pura valorizzazione della loro opera e di Pietrasanta’ – purely giving value to the artist’s work and to Pietrasanta.”

For more information contact the Comune di Pietrasanta’s Assessorato alla Cultura office at (+39) 0584 795226, or by email: cultura@comune.pietrasanta.lu.it.

We are interested in the Mayor’s idea, and are curious to know what you, dear reader, think of the proposal; leave a comment below (click on the post title to open the post in its own browser window to access the comments box) – or email us at info@artislimited.com.


We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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