Curzio Malaparte and Lorenzo Bartolini star in the newly re-opened third floor of the Palazzo Pretorio in Prato

Lorenzo-Bartolini-Prato-Fiducia-in-Dio-detailCurzio Malaparte and Lorenzo Bartolini, are probably two of the most famous sons of Prato.

Malaparte was a writer; he wrote on all sides of the political spectrum in the turbulent Italy of the 20s – 40s, and left us “La Pelle” and “Kaputt” – and the brilliant send-up of Tuscany: “Maledetti Toscani” – yes, that translates roughly to “those Goddamned Tuscans.”

Bartolini was a neoclassical sculptor who made fame and fortune in the Bonaparte circles, in the 1800s. He infused his work with “a strain of sentimental piety and naturalistic detail, while he drew inspiration from the sculpture of the Florentine Renaissance rather than the overpowering influence of Antonio Canova that circumscribed his Florentine contemporaries.”

On the occasion of the reopening of the third floor of the Palazzo Pretorio, in Prato visitors will have a chance to see … and read works by both authors, and get a rare chance to see the medieval center of the city from the pov of the palatial tower.

The site has an elevator.



Visit the Palazzo Pretorio’s website, linked here.
And for directions, we link to a Map.

For info and reservations, call: (+39) 0574 19 34 996
Servizio Cultura del Comune di Prato
Telefone: 0574 1835025

The photos above are of Lorenzo Bartolini’s “Fiducia in Dio” (Faith in God) – both the plaster model, and the finished marble – on display in Prato, from Wikipedia.


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