The photo, symbol of the recent clashes in Rome becomes a sculpture at the Accademia di Carrara


The photograph of Andrea Coltelli protecting Deborah Angrisani, during clashes with police in Rome becomes a sculpture in the studios of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara. Three students of Professor Pier Giorgio Balocchi, Elia Buffa, Silvia Scaringella and Lavinia Mancini, produced the composition from plaster casts of the actual couple – there’s troubling footage of one of the riot-police callously stepping on Ms. Angrisani’s stomach while she’s on the ground. The policeman has since said that he thought he was stepping on a backpack – and photos showing Andrea Coltelli holding a broken bottle – and linking him to the day’s mayhem – have surfaced. An investigation of the event, captured on cameras and cell-phones and distributed online, is underway. You can see the video, linked here.

The sculpture has been exhibited at the “Fino al Cuore della Rivolta” Festival in Fosdinovo, Lunigiana. We post the original photo:


The photos are from La Repubblica Florence. See additional photos on the photogallery linked here.



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