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We post a post about posts, our top posts for yesterday, to be precise, … a meta-post of posts recently read, of sorts. The list gives you – and us – an idea what folks are reading ’round these parts.

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1900 (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1976 Full Film, Uncensored. Part 1 in English, Part 2 in Italian)
The Canons of Beauty in the history of art – the Golden Mean
24 hours of “HAPPY” – Pharrell Williams’ new song gets a 24 hour video shot in the streets of LA
Elitist … or revolutionary? Roger Scruton’s “Why Beauty Matters” (2009 BBC, Full Episode)
“Solaris” (Andrej Tarkovsky, 1972, Full Movie)
Pietrasanta gets FREE WIFI ALL SUMMER in its streets, its restaurants, and in the bars of the Piazza in the “centro storico” – thanks to “La Memoria della Pietra” Show
List of Marble and Sculpture Studios in Pietrasanta
50 Years of Video Art at GAMC in Viareggio,
Gustavo Aceves ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2014
“Attrezzi per la Scultura” An insider’s list of the tools used in the ancient art of marble sculpting – and where to get them in Pietrasanta
“The Other Leonardo” – Conference examines the real – … and the imagined – Da Vinci, today the 5th of October, 2013, at 10am

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The Marino Marini Museum … in Pistoia is a treasure-trove of the artist’s forceful sculptures
“Amerikka” and other installations ____________ Cildo Meireles, father of Brazilian conceptual art shows in Milan
Wladimir Matesic plays the organ in Sant’Anna – Sunday August 5th at 6pm
Sculpture Shock – Katharina Fritsch’s Blue “Hahn/Cock” Gauls the British
This Thursday, May 8th is the deadline to enter to show in “End in Nation. Omaggio a Michelangelo” exhibition to be held in Carrara in June
La Dolce Vita: Live Webcam in Pietrasanta’s Main Piazza
Rino Giannini, longtime Pietrasanta based sculptor exhibits his sculptures in the “City of Art”
Pietrasanta Skatepark – the first skatepark built (almost exclusively) of marble finally opens
Gustavo Aceves’ Horses are slated to ride through Spring ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture 2014
“Riflessi di Pietre e Bronzi” ____________ Achille Costi exhibits his charismatic sculptures at the Sala Grasce. The opening is tonight ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2013
“Giordano Bruno” (Giuliano Montaldo, 1973, Full Movie, in Itaian with English and French subtitles)
Guido Crepax’s VALENTINA MOVIE – … not a movie at all… but an Italian Comics Maestro’s retrospective, 120 original comic book panels, on view in Rome until Sept 30th
A Tale of Two Pompeii – British Museum exhibition draws huge crowd, original site struggles with restorations, staying open
Helga Vockenhuber’s monumental bronze sculptures go on show in Pietrasanta’s Piazza and Sant’Agostino Complex
“Chatterbox” (Tom DeSimone, 1977, Full Movie)
Giorgio de Chirico, the influential 20th century Italian master and “Pictor Optimus” finally gets his own museum … maybe
“Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot” (Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Jacques Tati, 1953, Full Movie)
25 artists from the Royal British Society of Sculptors exhibit in Pietrasanta
“La Bella Principessa” Leonardo’s ‘lost’ portrait continues to dazzle and stir controversy
Michelangelo’s David … by Feldmann and other modernist artworks visit Florence’s Accademia for “Arte torna arte”
A new monument to Giordano Bruno is to be unveiled this Thursday in Carrara, courtesy of the Associazione Culturale “Il Pensiero”
Igor Mitoraj, Pietrasanta based master shows twenty monumental bronze sculptures in Berlin
Press Play: “Praise the Road” by Mariano Rodriguez
Armando Marrocco exhibits his scorched paintings at the Gestalt Gallery in Pietrasanta
Gustavo Vélez, Colombian artist exhibits his marble, bronze and steel works in a major personal exhibition ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2013
Aurelio Amendola’s photographs shed dramatic new light on Michelangelo
“L(⨍)+[Fx4]n->∞=S” – metaphors of emotions, fragrances, sounds sculpted out of cigarette filters feature in Lorenzo Filomeni’s exhibition at Gestalt Gallery in Pietrasanta
Iconoclasmism – The Beatles’ “Penis Painting” is defaced in Liverpool Museum… what pricks!
Classic Metal rocks the house – Epic “Bronze” Exhibition of 150 bronzes at London’s Royal Academy fêtes the mighty alloy through 6000 years
“The Wicker Man” Robin Hardy (1973 Full Film)
“The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal – Picasso…” er, Banksy
“Persona” (Ingmar Bergman, 1966, Full Film)
Emanuele Giannelli exhibits his fantastic figurative sculptures at the Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea gallery in Pietrasanta
“In the Year of the Pig” (Emile de Antonio, 1968, Full Documentary)
“Andrei Rublev” Andrei Tarkovsy (1966 Full Movie) on Mosfilm’s youtube channel
The mysterious “Lion-Man” gets re-dated to 40,000 BCE, making it the oldest figurative sculpture, … and even more of a mystery
This just in: Isleworth Mona Lisa confirmed, by new tests, as a true Leonardo! … – er, wait, THIS just in: Isleworth Mona Lisa scientific findings debunked as “nonsense;” painting back to dubitable status
Botero in the Piazza – Pietrasanta 2012
Julia Vance, Pietrasanta based sculptor exhibits “Bøye Stein” in Oslo
Aganetha Dyck, Canadian artist exhibits her “Honeybee Alterations” in Ottowa
Amadou’s stone bowls: a unique art gift, handmade in Italy for Artis Limited
Press Play: “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Pärt
“Art is Life… Life is Art. The question is what came first?” queries Lady Gaga. Artists and critics call “Bull$#!t” The Pop Diva is accused of – cue shock – plagiarism … again!
Frank Horvat, noted photographer stars in Seravezza Fotografia 2014
“F-Stone” the Carrara-based magazine about “Marmo, Arte & Design” debuts its online version
“The Naked Truth and More Besides. Nude Photography around 1900″
Corsi di Scultura: Sculpture Courses in Pietrasanta for artists & sculptors of all levels and for all budgets
“Pop (art) will eat itself,” con’t – Velvet Underground lose copyright fight over Andy’s Banana
> Reposting: 1900 (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1976 Full Film, Uncensored. Part 1 in English, Part 2 in Italian)
Sculptures and paintings of Harry Marinsky – London-born artist who made Pietrasanta his home – go on view at the Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta
The Mona Lisa, this time BALD to promote cancer awareness
“Homeless Jesus” sculpture finds a home in the Vatican
A second sculpture is “banned” from the “Croce del Redentore” (Cross of the Redeemer) show in Carrara
Pop (art) will … drink itself – Andy Warhol’s Coca-Cola painting at auction – expected tab: $60 Million
Gustavo Aceves exhibits his corpus of mythic fragments in Pietrasanta
Dude! A skatepark for the City of Art! Pietrasanta greenlights the project, we’ll be flippin’ by summer
Art and Sculpture Blogs in and around Pietrasanta, … and other good reads
“Neptune” by the Mannerist Master Bronzino makes landfall in Moscow as part of Italian-Russian art exchange
Panoramic shot of the Apuan Alps
“Gadjo Dilo” – The Crazy Stranger (Tony Gatlif, 1997, Full Movie, English Subs)
Donna Scultura 2011 Sculpture is Woman in Pietrasanta.
“Turning Art History into Toothpaste” The issues involving the “ongoing environmental disaster” in Carrara’s marble region are beginning to be noticed
Botero’s “Inferno” mural from the Church of the Misericordia in Pietrasanta
Giuliano Vangi, master sculptor, donates a second plaster model to Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozzetti
Renaissance masterpiece or fantastic forgery? Foundation “unveils” second Mona Lisa, amid controversy
New Pompeii collapses prompt calls for Culture Minister’s resignation
“Recondite Armonie” – the hidden harmonies of four “sacred cows” of the Versilia’s artistic past are on view in Stazzema until Sunday, the 2nd of September
‘Art is Life’ on the “Best of the Internets Reaction.” Now, there’s an ET “ecce homo” and a Lion King “ecce homo” and a Warhol Marilyn “ecce homo”… well, and… and, yes, … there’s also “Viva la Restauracion! T-Shirts
Dutch painter Gaspar van Wittel, aka “Gaspare degli occhiali” – one of Italy’s first “vedutisti” – is on view at the Biblioteca Nazionale in Rome until the 13th of July, 2013
“Il Cristo Proibito” (The Forbidden Christ) A scene from Curzio Malaparte’s only film, from 1951, in Italian
Pietrasanta honors Father Eugenio Barsanti, the inventor of the internal combustion engine
Zoran Grinberg, Carrara based artist exhibits his sculptures in Fivizzano
M.I.A.’s new Art Book out on Rizzoli on October 23rd
“Blow Up” (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966, Full Movie)


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