Alfonso Cuarón will be made Honorary Citizen of Pietrasanta, with “Gravity” … and levity


Friday, the 9th of May, will be a “giornata di festa” in town.

Pietrasanta throws a party to celebrate the Mexican Film Director Alfonso Cuarón, winner with “Gravity” of seven statuettes at the last edition of the Academy Awards.- and for his being granted Honorary Citizenship to “Italy’s Little Athens.”

Starting at 7pm with the arrival of the Director in Pietrasanta’s Piazza del Duomo, the music begins: first “sbandieratori” (flag-wavers) and musicians from the city’s La Cervia neighborhood, then the Mayor will receive the honored guest at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino, where the Filarmonica di Capezzano Monte, orchestra will do the house honors, (… word has leaked that the concert will feature very special guests…). At 8pm in the Sala Dell’Annunziata, the official conferment will see the various discourses, and the handing of the parchment, followed by a “Brindisi” – a toast – offered by the Enoteca Marcucci. 

At 10pm: a showing of Alfonso Cuarón’s awesome “Gravity” – the screening is FREE and seating is available until filled. It’s a rare chance to see the cinematic tour-de-force in dramatic 2D.




One thought on “Alfonso Cuarón will be made Honorary Citizen of Pietrasanta, with “Gravity” … and levity

  1. Alfonso, mil felicidades personas como tu son dignos embajadores de nuestra LATINOAMERICA, tan vapuleada por malas noticias e informaciones negativas tales como, Inseguridad,Violencia, Narcotráfico, etc. Etc.
    Porque no promover y mostrar al mundo lo EXCELENTE de nuetros pueblos, ciudades, países y talentos en el arte como tu, hay que divulgar todo lo bello que tenemos y dejemos atrás todo lo negativo, ojalá recorras todo el mundo, mostrando lo bello de nuestra gente y nuestros paises Latinoamericanos.
    Que orgullo que seas un embajador de lo bello de nuestro MEXICO.
    Un abrazo,
    Abelardo Vidaurreta E.

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