Danger: Landslide! Stefano Pierotti’s new art provocation in Rome


Over the weekend several warning signs appeared in Rome warning of Italy’s imminent disintegration into ruin… all thanks to the PD Party – the center… well, center-center political party of Matteo Renzi. Stefano Pierotti, Pietrasanta-based artist already took to the street-signs with his “SC(ogli)HETTINO” sign taking a pot-shot at the Concordia disaster in the last months. This time it’s the heart of the Eternal City – more precisely Piazza Venezia, Piazza del Popolo, in front of the Colosseum, and Via del Corso – which serve as exhibition hall for the artist’s provocation.

“I wanted to express, through the tools at my disposal – my art” the sculptor told the online paper Versiliatoday.it – “the difficulties many workers, and those that are unemployed, face, in an Italy that is falling apart. All this regardless of the governments that have ruled recently, last of which is the government of Renzi (who some affectionately call “Matteo”) … many just cannot survive anymore. The lucky ones have jobs, and they are barely making ends meet, meanwhile we see Berlusconi’s various trials, with his farce of a sentence…”

The photo is from Versilatoday.it

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