“I Have a Dream” Pietrasanta ____________ Cultivating peace and building community through art


Dreams are being born in Pietrasanta, as we type this. “I Have a Dream” is a project by Indian artist Shweta Bhattad, which will be presented at the 2014/2016 Vancouver Biennale with a giant video-installation. All countries can participate and Italy is represented by Tatiana Villani, with the use of the land – and the active help of – Argentinian artist and farmer Silvina Spravkin and her husband Mariano Moriconi. There is a wide network of other participants from Pietrasanta’s Luogo Comune, and other associations.

The words “I Have a Dream” are being seeded in either English, or the local language, all across the globe – in Pietrasanta “HO UN SOGNO” is sprouting already.

A series of events and talks are planned on social and sustainability issues. A party will cap off the project and the harvest will be shared with the community.

A video will record the crop’s growth and will be shown at the Biennale.

All are invited to participate; write Tatiana at tatiana_villani@yahoo.it to be included on the mailing list and to get more information, and an invite to the party.

Visit the “I Have a Dream’s” fb page to see more photos of this and other dreams across the world, linked here.

The photos are by Cristian Fazzini.

(Thanks, Silvina, for sending this in!)


We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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