Photographs from “Homo Faber, III” ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2014


We post some photos from “Homo Faber III” currently being set up in Pietrasanta’s main Piazza.

The opening reception is Saturday, the 14th of June, 2014, at 7pm.

We’ll try and post more on the exhibition… it’s a wonderful opportunity to see just how intimate the relationship is between the “artigiani” – the artisans in Pietrasanta’s marble studios and bronze foundries, and to see some of the wonderful sculpture produced here by some world-class artists.

There’s going to be some collateral events planned at M.U.S.A.: a series of films and documentaries on Michelangelo will bring the Renaissance maestro to life…

You can view the progress of “Homo Faber III” from your computer… albeit from a grainy image from the Pietrasanta webcam. THIS is the link… and you can make the image BIGGER by clicking “control +” on a pc or “command +” on a mac… and you can make the image MORE LIVELY by increasing the number of frames per second to 12fps… the user name is “guest” and the password is “pietrasanta”.

We welcome your input and comments on the exhibition.




To read all our posts on Homo Faber – this years’ and previous years’ editions, click here.

“Homo Faber, III″
From the 14th of June, 2014
On the Piazza
and in the Complex of Sant’Agostino
Free and open to the public

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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