Art, Architecture and Design, in the Tropic of Marble ____________ Carrara Marble Weeks, 2014


10469048_651506464938583_7348844373982525169_nCarrara Marble Weeks, the festival dedicated to all things marble, returns to the City of Marble, with exhibitions, installations and events.

The whole city of Carrara becomes a museum… an open air festival of the white gold found in the Apuan Alps above the city. The event lasts until the 3rd of August, 2014.

This year’s edition features four major exhibitions dedicated to design and eight architectural-sculptural installations which are located in the city’s streets and piazzas.

Some of the Artists represented are: Pietro Tacca, Boutros Romhein, Eliana Martinelli, Angelo Micheli, Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti, Eliana Maria Lorena, Atelier Gazillo 2014, Millo, Michele Simeoni, Alice Corbetta and Riccardo Saltini, Mafalda Pegollo, Corinna Natalia Balloni, Lucio Gigli, Graziano Guisci and Enzo Tinarelli, Michele Monfroni, Pier Francesco restelli, Georgia Feraudo, the artists of the Galleria Duomo, Andrea de Ranieri… to list but a few. There are excursions on the footprints of Michelangelo, films (including J.L. Mankiewicz’ “Julius Cesar”) and many many other lectures, special exhibitions food courts and themed happenings.

As the events are many and varied, we direct you to the 2014 Carrara Marble Weeks PROGRAM page, linked here, for all the details.

This year’s edition is curated by the architects Silvia Nerbi and Paolo Armenise – who was recently killed in a hit-and-run car accident in Milan. The 2014 fair is dedicated to Armenise. We link to the Sponsors’ page – so you can see who is behind the sprawling event – here.

For an INTERACTIVE MAP of the events of Carrara Marble Weeks, click here.

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