The “2014 Organo della Pace” concert season – in memory of the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Sant’Anna – opens this July 5th

Girotondo bambini piazza chiesa rid 400 a tagliato

The “2014 Organo della Pace” concert season – which is dedicated to the memory of the 70th Anniversary of the massacre in Sant’Anna di Stazzema – gets underway, next Saturday in the Church of Sant’Anna, with performances by internationally renowned organists; this year’s edition features two world-premieres.

Read about the slaughter of the 12th of August, 1944, on the Wikipedia article, linked here.

The concert season starts Saturday, July 5th with an organ concert by Hansjörg Albrecht (who the next day will conduct the “Concert of Memory,” with the Münchener Bachchor and the Orchestra Regionale della Toscana ORT at La Versiliana, in Marina di Pietrasanta). The concert, featuring music by Beethoven and Battistelli, is sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry.

“Musica per una Chiesa” – a world-premiere composed by Jan Müller-Wieland for organ and two trumpets – will be performed on Sunday, the 13th of July. The performers are Hannes Läubin, first trumpet of the Sinfonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and professor of trumpet at the Munich Conservatory, Max Westermann, first trumpet of the Staatsorchester Kassel and trumpet docent at the University of Kassel, and Luca Scandali, organ professor at the Morlacchi Conservatory in Perugia.

Another world-premiere follows on Sunday, the 3rd of August: “Tre Canti delle Pietre di Stazzema,” a composition for saxophone and organ written by Stefano Teani, a young composition student at the Istituto Boccherini. The performers are two young Italian musicians, Isabella Stabio on saxophone, and Stefania Metadell on organ.

The saxophone was considered a degenerate instrument, by the Nazis and banned.

The 2014 season concludes with an organ concert by the Italian Lorenzo Marzona. The artist performs a piece in memory of his uncle who was killed fighting for liberty in 1944.

The concert series, sponsored by the German-Italian Friendship organization, commemorates the massacre of 560 civilians – mostly women, children and the elderly – at the hands of Nazi SS troops with the collaboration of Italian Fascists. The event still causes much heated debate. For years survivors tried to have justice for the event – but the political situation in Italy was not ready to come to terms with Italy’s own involvement in the dread deed. You can find an article on the long silence that followed the slaughter (in Italian) on the Sant’Anna di Stazzema home page, linked here. 

We post the complete 2014 program of concerts in Sant’Anna here:
(Concerts start at 6pm – please note that on the 6th of July, the concert takes place at La Versiliana, in Marina di Pietrasanta)

July 5th    Hansjörg Albrecht, organ (München)
July 6th    (at 9pm) Pietrasanta, La Versiliana, Gedenkkonzert
Orchestra Regionale della Toscana (ORT) und Münchener Bachchor, Ltg. Hansjörg Albrecht La Versiliana, Parco della Versiliana 55045 Marina di Pietrasanta (we link to the concert program, here.)
July 13th    Luca Scandali, organ, (Pesaro) with Hannes Läubin (Munich) and Max Westermann (Kassel), Trumpets.
World=premiere: “Music for a Church” – Jan Müller-Wieland (Munich)
July 20th     Gerhard Weinberger (Munich)
July 27th    Edoardo Bellotti (Mailand/Rochester USA)
August 3rd    Stefania Mettadelli, organ (Massa) with Isabella Stabio (Turin), on saxophone
World-premiere: “Three Songs for the Stones of Stazzema Stazzema“ Stefano Teani, Istituto Boccherini (Lucca)
August 10th    Emanuele Cardi (Battipaglia)
August 17th    Lorenzo Ghielmi (Mailand/ Basel)
August 24th    Pavel Kohout (Prague)
August 31st    Lorenzo Marzona (Spilimbergo): In memoriam Giancarlo Marzona




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