“It’s for certain, a sure thing, … or rather, it’s probable” Pino Deodato exhibits his domestic landscapes at the Susanna Orlando Gallery in Pietrasanta


Pino Deaodato’s “certo, certissimo, anzi probabile” (roughly translated as: “it’s for certain, a sure thing, …or rather, it’s probable”) one-person exhibition opens this Saturday at the Susanna Orlando Gallery in Pietrasanta.

Deodato is a Milan-based artist who delves in the magic landscape of memory. His works are inspired by fables and myths, and they exude a gentle wonder at the … incongruities of life. Some of his works bear titles as: “The man who ate fireflies (so he could see better), and “The man who talked to birds (because men don’t hear us anymore) belie a magic-realist fascination with metaphor and allegory.

The show is curated by Ivan Quaroni.

The opening reception is Saturday, the 5th of July, at 7pm.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.



Pino Deodato
“certo, certissimo, anzi probabile”
Galleria Susanna Orlando
Via Stagio Stagi, 12
For more info, you can visit the gallery’s fb page, linked here.

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