Massimo Mannozzi hosted the 18th annual “Convitto di Bacco,” a special event for artists with lunch, networking … and a glass of claret


 Last week a gathering of painters, sculptors and artists from all over the world took place at the Hotel Bacco in Lido di Camaiore. It was a chance to mingle, meet people, eat scrumptuous food and drink some fine wines… the hotel, and event is after all dedicated to the Greek god of wine.

Massimo Mannozzi, the proprietor of the Hotel is the instigator of the yearly event. He is a passionate collector of art, a philanthropist and one of the leading figures bringing Italy and Germany closer together – … artistically. He is the owner of the Hotel Bacco in Lido di Camaiore, and of a restaurant bearing the same name in Berlin. His feasts at the Berlin Film festival are famous.

This year’s “Pranzo dei Pittori” (lunch of painters) was the 18th annual meal served to artists, art-critics and members of the media. The culture ministers of Camaiore and Viareggio were also present.
Once again Massimo Mannozzi proved himself “Ambassador of Culture,” a gracious host and showed himself again the bridge builder, who each year affords artists the chance to be the main course, to talk about art and to mingle with each other. Read an interview with Massimo – in Italian, linked here.

Bravo Massimo!

Visit the Hotel Bacco website, linked here.

The photos are by Ebi de Boer, thanks Ebi for sending this in.



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