Last weekend to see “Rock Stars” exhibition of works in marble – produced digitally – by US students at M.U.S.A., in Pietrasanta


This is the last weekend to see the works of American students who partecipated in “Digital Stone, 2014” in Garfagnana. The students produced digital models of the pieces and then latest state-of-the-art technology… robots, produced the works. The students then spent a few weeks refinishing the works. For more information on the project (with the names of the students, links to the organizing parties, see the links below.)

The project is a co-production of Garfagnana Innovazione and “Digital Stone” in Trenton, NJ.

“Rock Stars”
MuSA – Museo Virtuale della Scultura e dell’Architettura
Via Sant’Agostino 61
Tel. 0583 9765 – e.mail

Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30pm to 11:30pm.

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“Rock Stars” exhibition at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A. features works by American students who worked with the latest robotic technology, … in Garfagnana

#DigitalStoneProject 2014 – here’s a photo of the sculptors participating

20 American students visit the Garfagnana region for “Digital Stone Project”


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