Photographer Fiorenzo Sernacchioli exhibits “The Non Sculpted Art,” evocative images of light, and the effect of the forces of nature on marble at M.U.S.A.


“Scolpire con la luce: l’arte non scolpita” (Sculpting with Light: Non-sculpted Art) is the title of Fiorenzo Sernacchioli’s series of photographs of marble, which go on exhibit at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A., the City of Art’s “virtual art and architecture museum.” Alessandro Romanini, the Director of the Centro Arti Visive, states in a review of the photographer’s work: “Sernacchioli’s relationship with photography, is one based on the expressive values of painting, sculpting time, to cut out its significant fragment, crystallizing it in an atemporal, ideal dimension.”

The opening reception is Saturday, the 19th of July, 2014, at 6pm.

The photographer pursued an education in painting in Rome, and the formation shows in his compositions and exploration of light. He currently lives in Lucca, where he continues work in traditional and digital photography.

Visit the photographer’s website, linked here.



Fiorenzo Sernacchioli
“Scolpire con la luce: l’arte non scolpita”
From the 19th of July, until the 3rd of August, 2014

MuSA – Museo Virtuale della Scultura e dell’Architettura
Via Sant’Agostino 61
Tel. 0583 9765 – e.mail

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