The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ The art critic Philippe Daverio on the marble quarries: “Enough with paleolithic ideas, the Apuan Alps are beautiful because of the intervention of man”

philippe-daverio-photo-by-luca-giarelliThe noted Italian art critic Philippe Daverio goes on record against the environmentalists on the subject of the marble quarries above Carrara.

In an interview with the Carrara-based journalist David De Filippi, given out during the Henraux Foundation Prize ceremony at La Versiliana, the critic came out against the environmentalists and the Tuscany Region Environmental Protection Plan stating that stopping the extraction of marble in the Apuan Alps would be like stopping the cultivation of wine in the Chianti Region. Daverio joked that certain environmentalists’ ideas are “paleolithic” and that their trying to give back to the Apuan Alps their primordial aspect – green peaks and wild vegetation – is untenable. “A little order would not be bad” stated Daverio, “urban planning is the science of harmony, and in the science of harmony balanced ideas have a right; but in the science of harmony, the harmony of humans is the most important.”

For months now the Environmental Plan is subject of heated discussion; the region passed the Plan last January – it forsees the closure of 50 quarries, which are located within the confines of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps. The marble quarries have mobilized their attacks through a media campaign – they have also written a letter to the Italian President Napolitano, asking that he help “save” the industry, and the local economy.

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