The world’s only marble organ ____________ Carrara Marble Weeks, 2014


Lucio-Gigli-Organo-Carrara-Marble-WeeksLucio Gigli, a local musicologist – and restorer of period instruments – has produced a working organ, entirely of Carrara marble.

Gigli has been restoring historic instruments for over forty years; he states that his passion for his work is fueled by a desire to discover the most intimate secrets of instruments, and their tuning. He has restored dozens of period instruments – you can see some of these fascinating instruments at work, on his youtube channel, linked here. The musicologist is a self-described “Carrarino Doc” – a real Carrarino born in the mountains above Carrara – he is the son of a quarryman, and musician. Gigli dedicates the instrument to his father and all of the quarrymen of Carrara.

Visit the musicologist’s blog, linked here.

Lucio Gigli’s unique marble organ is on exhibit at the Palazzo ISR in Corso Rosselli, in Carrara, as part of Carrara Marble Weeks, 2014, until this Sunday, the 3rd of August.



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