Julia Vance, Pietrasanta based sculptor’s “Me/We” sculptures stranded at Customs because they’re not recognized as … sculptures


Three of Julia Vance’s “Me/We” sculptures are stuck at Norwegian Customs because the Customs officials cannot recognize them as being sculptures. The Pietrasanta-based Norwegian sculptor has made Pietrasanta the home of her creative endeavors, she recently had a show in her hometown of Oslo. The sculptures in questions were exhibited in Pietrasanta, this year as part of the annual “Homo Faber” exhibition. But according to the straight-thinking officials they are “only metal.”

The Minister of Culture and the Ministry of Finance are investigating and Norwegian media are following the case.

The sculptures were made in Pietrasanta at IDEAL FERRO, an artisan laboratory, as a commission from the County of Oslo. they are to be placed in front of the main train station, next thursday, that is if they are released by Customs.

Visit the artist’s website linked here.

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