The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ The environmentalists take on the art critic Philippe Daverio for his strong defense of the quarries


Now it’s the environmentalists versus Philippe Daverio, in the ongoing marble quarry controversy, in Carrara’s marble region in Tuscany.

In an open letter addressed to the noted art critic, the environmentalists asked for some clarification on the issue, and wanted to make a few points of their own. The list of environmental groups involved is: the Cultural Associations CAI-TAM, Italia Nostra Regionale, Forum Ambientale Toscano, G.I.R.O.S., Circoli Legambientali di Carrara, Lunigiana, Massa-Montignoso, La Pietra Vivente, la Rete dei Comitatiper la Difesa del Territorio, No al traforo della Tambura, Occhioni e Magrini, Salviamo le Alpi Apuane, Salviamo le Apuane, the Società degli Amici dei Ronchi e Poveromo … and WWF-Lucca.

The environmentalists were accused by Daverio of holding onto “Paleolithic ideas” regarding the fate of the marble quarries in the Apuan Alps. They have come back swinging; they state: “We’d like to make a few comments on what the art critic Philippe Daverio said recently, and which was reported in the media – starting by saying that the critic’s position is steeped in ignorance, in the true sense of the word (of one who does not know something because they ignore it), and an absolute lack of knowledge of Italian and European laws. As president of the Premio Henraux jury,” continues the letter, “it is normal that he would defend the prize and all that’s behind it, but as citizen he should know that the quarrying activity in itself is a violation of the 2000 Nature Sites Law, and violates article 142 of the Beni Culturali, and it contravenes the norms for the protection of the area’s waterways.

The letter continues: “As a citizen he should get information about the quarries’ annual budgets and surging revenues, which is a practically unique case in the distressed Italian economic panorama. He should see that these increases in revenue have not translated into less unemployment, that the marble dust (“Marmettola” in Italian) kills life in the rivers, and is a pollutant also because of it’s heavy metals content, not to mention the devastation of the mountain tops (a classic example is the Cervaiole ridge because these are tangible signs of incivility.”

The environmentalists’ letter concludes thus: “Michelangelo’s genius and of the other, even contemporary sculptors who struggle today to obtain blocks of marble to work on, are our only hope. You can be sure, Professor that you won’t have the opportunity to see the mountains green like in Switzerland, ours is a gray stone, white, solid rock that we citizens will defend with determination and firmness.”

The photo above is of Monte Atissimo / Cervaiole, from Wikipedia, linked here.

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