Camaiore exhibits copies of the Riace Bronzes, Reggio Calabria, home of the 5th C BCE originals, invokes copyright ownership


The Sovrintendenza – the cultural authority – of the Reggio Calabria region, which is home to the museum which houses the original Riace bronzes, has written a letter asking the city of Camaiore for documentation, and asks wether Camaiore obtained permission to exhibit the bronze warriors. Camaiore has temporarily placed the copies at the entrance of the Pier in Lido di Camaiore. The copies, faithful to the last detail, were produced at the Fonderia Del Chiaro in Pietrasanta.

The originals, 5th C BCE bronzes were found off the coast of Calabria in 1972; they are in the news (see the post below) because a photographer recently dressed the figures in feather boas and leopard thongs, raising concerns that the statues are not cared-for enough by the museum.

Camaiore’s mayor Alessandro Del Dotto has added fuel to the controversy, by jabbing that he finds it curious that the Reggio Calabria Sovrintendenza finds the time to query Camaiore – which, according to him, has “all the necessary documents” – while it allows photographing the originals in … well, as they have been photographed.

Visit the Fonderia Del Chiaro’s website, linked here – and visit Camaiore’s website, linked here.

The photo is from la Gazzetta di Viareggio.

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