Flash mob for peace in Pietrasanta draws 300, strains (facebook) friendships, … gets a fine


300 people, adults and children participated in a “flash mob” for peace, last Friday. A giant “NO” written in chalk covered the Piazza in Pietrasanta, in front of the main church. A solemn gathering for peace – to decry the treatment of children in the ongoing war in the Middle East.

Don D’Atri, the parish priest apparently was not particularly impressed – he asked, unsuccessfully, that the assembled evacuate the church steps – as neither were several facebook friends of those who participated, and posted photos of the event on their facebook pages.

The mayor of Pietrasanta, a city known more for art than political events, was also not pleased that the city was not told of the event, although he was present; he stated that he was touched by the event and he underlined that children are sacred anywhere, not just in Gaza, “but in every war, or terrorist act where there are civilian victims.”

Some in the social network wondered why all the attention is being devoted to the current war in Gaza, and not to other conflicts underway. Children are often victims in wars, just these days 500 Yazidis, among the thousands displaced in northern Iraq, have been killed – 130 of them children.

The event sponsors have been accused of being anti-semitic… some of the participants have had their facebook friendships cancelled … and the sponsors were also fined, by law enforcement, for making a mess in a public place.

The photos above is by Patricia Franceschetti from her fb page.

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