“Lunch is served.” Cinzia Rossi skewers the treatment of women, the exhibition in Torano ends tomorrow


Female body parts are served on platters in Cinzia Rossi’s “Il Pranzo é servito,” (Lunch is Served) and it’s one of 100 works on display in the streets, cellars, alleys and piazzas of Torano, a little village near Carrara. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to Surrealism and Frida Kahlo on the 50th anniversary of her death.

Cinzia Rossi’s work raises questions – and has raised some eyebrows – putting a spotlight on the issue of the treatment of women in the media. 25 other artists have taken part in Torano Notte e Giorno, in Carrara; the exhibition, curated by Emma Castè and Luciano Massari, ends tomorrow, the 13th of August, 2014.

The artists participating are: Michele Monfroni, Sandro del Pistoia, Paolo Franzoso, Giovanni Salvaro, Cinzia Rossi, Ilaria Bertagnini, Massimo Vanelli, Marco Ambrosini, Giulio Rossi, Daniele Guidugli, 4tuesday, Leardo Sciacoviello, Maurizio Fruzzetti, Giuliano Ciardi, Stefano Lanzardo, Paolo Fiorellini, Elisa Modugno, Ezio de Angeli, Santucci Group, Eugenia Serafini, Emma Castè, Mattia Coli, Claudia Sighicelli, Francesca Bioli, Ciro Vittorio Formisano, and Andrea Pucci.

Visit Torano Notte e Giorno’s website for more information, to see more artwork on exhibit, and directions – linked here.

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