“Il Simposio Internazionale di scultura a mano” returns with 10 artists over 10 days, in Carrara’s main Piazza



The sounds of hammer and chisel will echo in Carrara’s city center, starting this Friday, the 29th of August – and, continuing for 10 days, 10 artists will participate in the 2nd Annual “Symposium of Sculpture Made by Hand” in Piazza del Duomo, in Carrara.  The sculptors will tackle the marble blocks by hand, without the aid of machine-tools.

The participating sculptors are: Miriam Elettra Vaccari (Italy), Stefanie Krome (Germany), Sarah Atzeni (Italy),  Kaspar Ludwig (Germany), Patty Foks (Germany), Christian Ibanes (France), Silvia Scaringella (Italy), Patrick Neumann( Germany), Daniele Brochetelli (Italy), Andrea Lugarini (Italy).

Marco Bombarda a “Mortalaio” and Magnan, a tool forger will present works during the event. The event is organized by Romeo Buffoni, and is sponsored by the “Artisti del Borgo” Cultural Association, and the Galleria del Duomo, in Carrara.

The sculpting will take place everyday in Carrara’s main Piazza, until September 6th, when this year’s artworks will be presented to the public.

The photo above is from Iam Mia Mai’s post on the event’s fb page, linked here.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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