“The City and the Water” workshop examines architecture, art and design for the Marina di Pietrasanta waterfront


“The City and the Water” is a workshop scheduled to happen in Pietrasanta from the 3rd to the 14th of September. Architects, artists, local artisans will participate, with events at the CAV, and at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino. An exhibition of the various projects will take place from the 14th to the 21st of September, 2014.

The workshop sets out to explore the urban spaces of the coastline of Pietrasanta, a coast rich in environmental and economic potential, but mired in structural frailties. The workshop will explore innovative projects and different economies of scale, from the landscape, tolocal  architecture, to design and the arts; it will use as starting point the cultural and environmental identity of the Apuo-Versilian territory, home to Pietrasanta and the marble quarries of Carrara.

The workshop is betting on the collaboration between the internationally-known guests and the local figures. The workshop director is Prof. Roberto Pierini, president of the Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Edile Architettura dell’Università di Pisa. The Scientific Director is João Nunes, noted architect, and founder of Studio Proap, in Lisbon.The workshop will feature the docents: Adolfo Natalini, architect and teacher at the Facoltà di Architettura in Florence, and Alessandra Capanna, architect and docent at the Facoltà di Architettura of the La Sapienza in Rome. The participating artists are: Loris Cecchini, born in Milan, but working in Berlin – his works in photography, painting and sculpture, aim to transfigure “the real.” Pinuccio Sciola, Sardinian sculptor, famous for his Pietre Sonore (Musical Stones) whose work deals with the intrinsic qualities of stone, will also be present.

The workshop will feature events open to the public; these will take the form of conferences which will take place at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino:

Thursday, the 4th of September, at 6pm:
João Nunes
“The Project’s Methodological Approach”

Sunday the 7th of September, at 11am:
Adolfo Natalini
“Architecture and Water”

Sunday, the 14th of September, at 10:30am
Exhibition opening reception and presentation of the projects

The exhibition will remain open – and free to the public – from the 14th to the 21st of September, 2014.

Visit the CAV (Pietrasanta’s Centro Arti Visive’s) website, for details, linked here.

The workshop is produced by the Università di Pisa, Pietrasanta’s CAV (the Centro Arti Visive) and the Comune di Pietrasanta.

We print the workshop program for details of events and locations:


We direct you to the workshop’s fb page – for latest developments and additional info – linked here.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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