Three artists write a Manifesto for “Metatheism,” head towards a new Renaissance, exhibit in Lucca


Davide Foschi, Aurora Manfredi, painters and Piero Celli, photographer exhibit “Verso il Rinascimento” – new work in Lucca, as part of “Settembre Lucchese.”

The artists propose a Manifesto for Metatheism, … the opening paragraph of which states: “We want to sing the divine essence of man, shining a light on his awareness with intuition. Our weapons are the arts, strategy and inspiration, our energy is love for the spiritual in us.” You can read the rest (in Italian) linked here. (There’s an option to have googletranslate do a “translation” for you on the page… )

The Mayor of Lucca and the art critics Giorgio Grasso and Giammarco Puntelli will participate at the opening, during which the book “Alta Vita” (High Life) by Alejandra and Loreta Siderman will be presented.

The opening is Friday, the 5h of September, 2014, at 6:30pm.

Visit David Foschi’s website, linked here.

Visit Aurora Manfredi’s website, linked here.

Visit Piero Celli’s website, linked here.



Davide Foschi, Aurora Manfredi, Piero Celli
“Verso il Rinascimento”
From the 3rd to the 10th of September, 2014
Villa Bottini,


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