A group show of sculptures in marble, iron, bronze, wood, paper and plexiglas make up “Out Art 2014” in Carrara


“Out Art” is the title of a group exhibition in Carrara that sets out to mine the city’s multicultural make-up and the artists who live and work in the City of Marble. The show goes until the 14th of September, in the Spazio Paretra, in Via Beccaria, 5. This is the first edition of the exhibition…

The artists are Bo Allison (USA), Sarah Atzeni (Italy), Oliviero Bertolaso (Italy), Sara Bonuccelli (Italy), Park Jung Boo (Korea), Frank Breidenbruch (Germany), Minghan Gong (China), Robert Gove (USA), Zoran Grinberg (France) Jaekyeong Kim (Korea), Monica Michelotti (Italy), Sara Millo (Italy), Vincenzo Missanelli (Italy), Franz Messer (Germany), Gabriele Mosti (Italy), Stefanie Oberneder, (Germany), Giuliano Orlandi (Italy), Silvana Pianadei (Italy), Francesco Ricci (Italy), Benvenuto Saba (Italy), Sylvie Van Den Broeck (Belgium), and Smail Zizi (Algeria).

The exhibition is produced by the cultural association Made in Carrara (MIC).
For more information call 0585 846140 or email stampadps@gmail.com

“Out Art”
Until the 14th of September, 2014
Spazio Paretra
Via Beccaria, 5

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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