“Marmorstein + Eisen” an exhibition of portraits of the quarry workers in Carrara, by Gabilotte Lanzrath, at the Centro Arte Monte Onore in Ehrenberg, Germany


Gabilotte Lanzrath is a Berlin architect and sculptor who has spent many years in the Carrara Mmarble region. She participated at the Sculpture Workshop “C,C & C” in the eighties. Her exhibition “Marmostein + Eisen” features her portraits of the quarry workers.

Lanzrath states: “In the 80s I had the opportunity to participate at the “C,C & C” sculpture workshop in one of the more beautiful quarries of the Apuan Alps. I had promised myself that I would return one day to give homage to the men who through their daily work shape this grandiose and chaotic white marble landscape. In 2006 I was lucky to live, for a few days, with the group of workers of the Cava n. 123, “Belgia Bassa” and at Cava n. 121, “Novella A” and at the Cava n.26, the “Fossa del Lupo.” The portraits in “Marmorstein + Eisen” are the result of my stay and are my personal homage to the marble men of Carrara.”

The opening reception is Sunday, the 14th of September, 2014 at 2pm.

Ingo Schneider will speak on “C,C, & C – Calcite, Cultura, Carrara” at 3pm.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.

Gabilotte Lanzrath
“Marmorstein + Eisen”
From the 14th of September to the 25th of October, 2014
Gallery Girasole
Centro Arte Monte Onore
Lochmühlenstrasse 8
Kriebstein OT

Visit the Centro Arte Monte Onore’s website for more info, linked here.



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