Lee Kyoung-Jae and Park Min-Jung, Korean sculptors exhibit a two-person “Diario” in the Sala Grasce in Pietrasanta


Lee Kyoung-Jae and Park Min-Jung, are a husband-and-wife team, both got their Diplomas at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara, in 1995. They show together, for the first time in the Sala Grasce, an exhibition titled “Diario” (Diary).

Park Min-Jung will show recent works in ceramics, simple, essential, but very colorful pieces inspired by nature; there’s trees, animals… Lee Kyoung-Jae will exhibit marble sculptures – one of which is his six-piece orchestra of players, each playing his role, the group is as if frozen in a timeless yet intimate moment.

The opening reception is this Saturday, the 20th of September, 2014, at 6pm.

Lee Kyoung-Jae and Park Min-Jung
From the 20th of September to the latter part of October, 2014
Sala delle Grasce
Piazza Duomo

Hours: daily from 4 to 9pm, from Friday to Sunday: from 4 to 11pm.

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