“A Masterpiece on your Dinner Table” – Publicity for Prosciutto Toscano hams it up… but is it really “a perfect balance of taste?”


20061213_prosciuttoMicheangelo’s David gets regularly recruited to peddle stuff… from last year’s controversial ad featuring David sporting an assault rifle, all the way back to 1970, when he was used by Young & Rubicam to sell jeans.

It’s now the turn of Prosciutto Toscano, DOP, a consortium of prosciutto makers in Tuscany (the more famous “Prosciutto di Parma” is made in neighboring Emilia-Romagna) to ham it up – their ads proclaim “It’s the perfect balance of taste.”

You can celebrate “Prosciutto Week” (yes, there is such a celebration) … every week – though the official “Prosciutto Week” happens August 2nd to August 10th.

You can see a slideshow of more or less offensive appropriations of the Renaissance masterpiece on a webpage, linked here.


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