Pietrasanta Scultura, 2014 ____________ London’s Royal British Society of Sculptors continues its Artists in Residence Program for British sculptors in Pietrasanta


The artistic partnership between Pietrasanta and the Royal British Society of Sculptors continues; the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust and the Royal British Society organize an Artist in Residency Program at Studio Sem, and at the Fonderia Mariani, two of the city’s oldest and most respected art laboratories.

After having been chosen the candidates receive a scholarship for a three-month stay, where they have a chance to work with Italy’s Little Athens’ master marble and bronze artisans. During their stay the winners get to learn the basic skills and the centuries-old working techniques – and get to produce their own works from the model to the finished piece.  The sculptors will get an exhibition during November and December.

This year’s winners are Ed Jones and Richard Stone.

Pietrasanta’s Mayor states: “It’s a great project that gives value to our artisans and our art-making system, and that puts us in contact with a prestigious international art institution.” Ambassador of the project is Helaine Blumenfeld, a master sculptor who has had a decades-long relationship with Pietrasanta.

Visit Ed Jones’ website, linked here.

Visit Richard Stone’s website, linked here.

The photo above is a work by Richard Stone.

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