Viareggio celebrates Percy Bysshe Shelley – “Viareggio la città del cuore di Shelley”


As we go to press the cultural association “Viareggio la città del cuore di Shelley” gathers in Viareggio, resort city on Tuscany’s coast – and the British poet’s summer hideaway – to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the dedication of the monument to Shelley.

Luca Guidi and Rebecca Palagi, of the “Gruppo Editoriale Cinquemarzo,” close this year’s program – this evening at 6pm – with readings of works by Shelley, and talks by local luminaries. “We will remember with affection the people that between 1890 and 1894 put their creative energies, intelligence and passions into the creation of the monument to the British poet. It was an important moment for the history and politics of the cityand it must not be forgotten,” states Luca Guidi – “yet, Viareggio has a terrible habit of forgetting its sons, and its cultural patrimony. We will continue to put forward our Festival, which I remind has won the “Medaglia di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Republica” – for two years in a row.”

Visit “Viareggio la città del cuore di Shelley’s” fb page, linked here. And their website, linked here.

The photo above is by Luca Guidi, from his google+ photo stream, linked here.

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2 thoughts on “Viareggio celebrates Percy Bysshe Shelley – “Viareggio la città del cuore di Shelley”

  1. Questa volta ti rispondo in italiano 😉
    Che bella iniziativa! Passo spesso da Piazza Shelley. Un piacere vederla sistemata dopo tanti anni lasciata andare. Chissà se un giorno Viareggio tornerà ad essere la Perla del Tirreno? Nonostante le vicissitudini politiche odierne, sarò matta ma io ci spero ancora 😉

    • Salve Sara! Si, bella iniziativa davvero… e sarebbe fantastico Viareggio tornasse allo splendore d’anni fa… al momento sembra un poinino duro, ma non si sa mai. 🙂 Grazie del commento (!) e … well, keep up the globetrotting! 😀

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