“Corruption, Tax Evasion … and Berlusconi” a video poll of German tourists in Italy


Relations between Italy and Germany are on the tense side these days – difficult economic reforms are on the table – Germany who “pays more towards the European Union” wants Italy to clean-up its books.

The video is produced by Franz Baraggino and Alessandro Madron and appeared on the “Fatto Quotidiano” website. Comments on the site, and on the youtube page with the video, have been – to be polite -mixed: some ask the “Crucchi” (that’s “Krauts” in Italian) to stay home, other commenters aren’t surprised … and say “no wonder!”

“Dialogue” between the two countries often takes on the tone of Melodrama, while some of these commenters shout “Nazi!” even Berlusconi, while he was still in power…  ratcheted up the tone by calling Merkel, a fellow head-of state, an “unf*ckable lardass.”

Note: the video contains an error in translation… the gentleman at 3:47″ describes Berlusconi as a Narcissist … not a Nazi.

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