Pietrasanta is looking for a Director of its “Musei Civici”


The city of Pietrasanta – known as “Italy’s Little Athens” for its artistic life, and marble and bronze laboratories – is looking for a “Direttore dei Musei Civici.” Domenico Lombardi, the city’s Mayor explains: “It’s a necessary figure, which makes up one of the minimum regional and national requirements for the city’s museum structure. And since we don’t have the resources to appoint a Director for each of the city’s institutions, we have thought about a single competent figure, for the Museo dei Bozzetti – a figure who will co-ordinate with the other cultural institutions, such as the Museo Archeologico Versiliese “Bruno Antonucci,” the poet Giosué Carducci’s natal home-museum, and the Museo Barsanti.”

The Bando – the announcement/application form – is viewable on the city’s website, www.comune.pietrasanta.lu.it; the appointment will last three years and the Director will manage and curate the museum collections, will produce events which will bring value to the city’s cultural patrimony. He or she will nurture relationships with other museums and institutions, will help develop the definition of the museums’ missions, will elaborate the rules and regulations, and will work on the annual and multi-annual program objectives. The compensation consists of 25,000 euros inclusive.

Who can apply? To find out all the requirements visit the city’s website: www.comune.pietrasanta.lu.it. Among the requirements are that the applicant have a minimum of three years’ experience as Director of an historic/art museum.

The person overseeing the selection process is Dr. Sergio Tedeschi, the city’s official in charge of the Cultural Institutions of the Comune of Pietrasanta. The application form will have to be delivered to the Comune di Pietrasanta – Servizio Istituti Culturali e Spettacolo, Piazza Matteotti n.29, 55045 PIETRASANTA (LU). The application will be contained in a sealed envelope bearing the words “Selezione pubblica per il conferimento di incarico di Direzione dei Musei civici del Comune di Pietrasanta,” and will have to be delivered to the Ufficio Protocollo on or before the 20th of October, 2014, at noon.

Read more about Pietrasanta on the city’s Wikipedia article, linked here. You can find out more information of the comings and goings of the artistic life of Pietrasanta on this blog: click on the “On Pietrasanta” tab in our menu, above, for articles on Pietrasanta ONLY. The photo above is by Davide Papalini, from Wikipedia.

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