“Angiò” an independent film about the art of Lorenzo Viani seeks financing through crowdfunding


Angio-il-film-independent-movie-crowdfundingAngiò is an experimental film directed by Leonardo Palmerini, a film director from Viareggio, currently in the final stages of post-production. The film utilizes live shots and shots treated graphically. It is based on the novel “Angiò uomo d’acqua” (Angiò man of the water) by Lorenzo Viani.

The film is produced by Linchetto Productions and includes artists, actors and musicians from the Versilia region.

The project is financed independently through a crowdfunding campaign (which expires the 6th of January, 2015) which utilizes the new social media technologies on the Italian “Produzioni dal Basso” platform… which is the Italian version of Kickstarter. To contribute to the financing and to participate in the production visit the site (https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/angio-il-film/)

Lorenzo Viani was a painter, writer and sculptor who was at the forefront of the Italian Expressionist avant-garde, and who has been generally forgotten by Art History and by his own fellow citizens. The feature-length film reveals the strong message of Viani, which bore witness to lives on the margins of society, and his communion with his circle of anti-heroes.

To see more of Lorenzo Viani’s art, visit the “Territorio del 900” blog, linked here.

For more information visit the project’s Facebook page, linked here.
The film’s official website is linked here, the blog, here.

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