“Keep Calm and … Learn Italian” while making art in Pietrasanta


Have you, dear reader, ever felt awkward when trying to communicate while in Italy? Italians are generally very good at understanding foreigners, and making themselves understood – this is the country where hand-gestures count as much as words, after all … buuut, if you think you might benefit from knowing the basics, or perfecting your Italian, we bring to you one opportunity to learn the language of Dante, wether you are visiting the area for its beaches, or if you are trying to shepherd through a project through one of the marble and bronze laboratories in the area.

We post about one way to learn Italian, while you are enjoying La Dolce Vita on vacation, or making your art in Pietrasanta.

Learn-Italian-Pietrasanta-ArteIlaria Palagi is an Italian teacher – she graduated with a degree in Languages and Comparative Literature, she is capable, charming, very professional, and, we are lucky to say, a friend of ours at Art is Life.

Ms. Palagi offers private lessons in Italian for foreigners; children and adults. She leads group and private lessons at advanced and beginner levels.

Contact Ms. Palagi directly via email to set up Italian lessons – she can be reached at ilariapalagi@alice.it.


We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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