Lifting a page from a Fascist playbook Cameron warns against “non violent extremists” … such as anyone doubting the official 9/11 story

David_Cameron_official-extremistOn the eve of Britain’s joining the air strikes in Syria, David Cameron, British PM, gave a speech to the UN, stating that ISIL extremists are … well, extreme, and urged the assembled to join him: “we must defeat this strategy in all its forms,” which included the following: “dealing with … non-violent extremists” …  “conspiracists,” 9/11 “truthers” and anyone that might doubt the official story of the 7/7 London bombings.

It’s quite an … unbelievable speech – look at the faces of those present, in the video above, for shock and disbelief -yet Cameron is no stranger to extreme ideas: he has also discussed setting up automatic opt-in controls which would censor “porn,” and also “violent material” and also terrorist-related content… and also somehow “anorexia and eating disorder websites,” “suicide related websites” – these measures would include censoring web forums and sites discussing “esoteric material.” Pretty strong stuff, no? We direct you to a Huffington Post article on the details of that, linked here.

We take the opportunity to post Cameron’s speech, and also – since Cameron’s speech makes them “news-related” – to post several documents which take on the official 9/11 narrative, … while we can… whatever happened on 9/11 – the impetus for the endless war on “Terror” – is confused at best, and we believe deserves at least to be discussed.

The comparisons to previous attempts to ban “non-violent extremists” and anyone spouting “esoteric materials” seem lost on Cameron.

He will, though, apologize in person to the Queen tonight, for his awful indiscretion; he was taped saying that – in a private conversation – the Queen “purred” over the recent Scottish referendum results.

We welcome your thoughts on the issue, “esoteric” or not.

The photo above is from Wikipedia – forgive the … extreme color-correction, our unpaid photoshop trolls… er interns, are bored – they insist the whole thing is an art parody, and we’ve checked: “parody” does not appear to fall under “extremism” … yet.


2 thoughts on “Lifting a page from a Fascist playbook Cameron warns against “non violent extremists” … such as anyone doubting the official 9/11 story

  1. Thanks for posting all of this information …
    Like Il Partigiano Johnny said, “Finché ci rimane uno di noi … ”
    And there are actually many many of us …
    They are the few; we are the many.
    Long may you (we) RUN!!!!!!!

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