The still lives of dead things: Nicola Gnesi’s “Carnage” exhibition at LABottega


20 still lives in a startling black and white make up Nicola Gnesi’s very personal “Carnage” exhibition at LABottega in Marina di Pietrasanta. The exhibition, curated by Serena Del Soldato, as part of “Autumn Issue, 2014”, is a distillation of what the photographer took with him from his walks through Chinatown in Ney York City. It’s an ode to the brutal violence that unfolded daily: live meat, that in a second becomes dead. Wings, feet, heads and bones – everything for Gnesi became something else, filled with a new beauty.

Gnesi states: “Between the visceral and the sensual is a contrast that purifies and exorcises life. In the flesh we find broken fragments and at last, from the darkness a form emerges, made up of a carnage of suggestions.”

The opening reception of “Carnage” is the 11th of October, 2014, at 9pm.

Visit Nicola Gnesi’s website, linked here.






“Autumn Issue”
Nicola Gnesi “Carnage”
From the 11th of October to the 2nd of November, 2014.
Viale Apua 188
Marina di Pietrasanta

Visit the LaBottega’s website, for more info, linked here.

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