Press Play: “Fantômas – Delìrivm Còrdia” by Mike Patton, 2004


“Like The Svrgeon, The ‘Composer’ Slashes Open The Body Of His Fellow Man Removes His Eyes, Empties His Abdomen Of Organs, Hangs Him Vp On A Hook Holding Vp To The Light All Of The Body’s Palpitating Treasvres Sending A Bvrst Of Light Into Its’ Innermost Depths”

mouvement-gothique-art-is-life-blog-october-2014This is the soundtrack for a horror movie that does not exist. It’s a single 74-minute track by wildman Mike Patton’s Fantômas. Read more about the album, on the Wikipedia article, linked here, and buy the album at Discogs, linked here.

From A Closer Listen’s: “Best Music for Haunted Houses,” a compendium of dark tunes for the Harvest Festival, linked here.

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