Maria Papa’s “Gaia” will grace the Piazza D’Annunzio, in Pietrasanta’s Parco Internazionale della Scultura


Another sculpture al fresco – more art is added to Pietrasanta’s Parco della Scultura – the “City of Art’s” open air sculpture park. This time it’s Maria Papa Rostkowski’s “Gaia” made out of “marmo arabescato” from 1980.

The unveiling reception is scheduled for this saturday, the 25th of October, 2014, at 4:30pm.

Maria Papa was one of the first foreign female artists to come to Pietrasanta. She arrived here in 1966, for a symposium organized by the Henraux company. She subsequently made Pietrasanta a regular atelier dividing her time between it and Paris. A painter by training – she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in her native Warsaw – she worked in marble and bronze together with the local artisans in the marble laboratories and bronze foundries.

The sculpture is a donation of the artist’s son, Nicolas Rostkowski and will be placed in the Piazza D’Annunzio in Fiumetto, Pietrasanta. The Mayor, Domenico Lombardi who will preside over the unveiling, Saturday states: “We thank the Rostkowski family, especially Nicolas, for his commitment to promoting the artistic message of his mother, and for his care for our territory.” Nicolas Rostkowski will also present Saturday, along with his wife Agnieszka Tarasiuk, director of the “Xawery Dunikowski” Sculpture Museum, which recently hosted the largest retrospective dedicated to Maria papa, in Poland.

Visit Maria Papa’s website, for more information on the artist, and to see more of her work, linked here.

Visit the Parco Internazionale della Scultura’s page, to see a list – and photos – of all of the work exhibited in Pietrasanta’s open spaces, linked here.

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