La Dolce Vita … roughed up! Union demonstration clashes with Police: three striking workers wounded


A Piazza in Italy is a sacred thing; a special place. All public squares, especially those in Italian cities, are the center of social life, a place to hang out with friends, a place to exchange ideas.

They deserve to welcome all opinions, even dissenting ones – but what happened in Rome a few days ago proves that maybe this is not the case in Rome.

Striking workers – holding a peaceful rally to protest the closing of the steel mill in terni – were surrounded by Police. Tensions ran high – we post a video of the goings-on below – and at one point the cacca hit the ventilatore, Police charged the assembled clubbing people indiscriminately… workers and union leaders were hit and ultimately three operai found themselves at the hospital.

The photo above is from Fb… via The Huffington Post / Italian Edition, linked here.


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