“Art is Life” (the blog): a “user’s manual”

As you may have noticed we’ve practically stopped blogging Art is Life – we may post something on the “why” in the coming days … in the meantime we catch up and post a few things we’ve had lying around… along with this Art is Life “how-to.” We’ve posted about art and cultural events happening “in-and-around” Pietrasanta for four years – the posts have included pretty much everything under the sun, art, movies, music… and social issues. It’s a blog that at times was difficult to keep up,  for all the events happening, and also a blog that has “written itself” … and so, today we put forth a little “user’s manual” on how to … well, use this blog.

To see the posts we’ve written about the many talented individual artists who’ve exhibited in the “City of Art” use the “search” box at the bottom of this page. If you want to see posts about Pietrasanta ONLY, then click on the button at top, or here.

We posted about sculpture courses and the bronze foundries and marble laboratories in town. You can get a list of studios – we added Studio Pescarella to the list recently – visit the webpage, linked here. For a list of studios which offer workspaces and sculpture courses, visit the pages linked here, and here. For a post on the tools of the trade, and where to purchase them, visit the page, linked here. If you run a studio or hold sculpture courses in town, and you want to have them included in these lists, then write to us at info@artislimited.com, and we will add your info.

We’ve posted about Leonardo’s mysterious courtesan, the Mona Lisa – who with her enigmatic smile still manages to seduce and provoke. To see our posts – including our “take” on the Isleworth Mona Lisa (our forensic art-historians boldly propose a theory of WHO the painter really is, and WHERE the likeness that inspired it is located.) To be drawn-in again, visit the page linked here.

You can get a glimpse of Pietrasanta’s main Piazza on the “Pietrasanta Webcam” – which we link here: the user name is “guest” and the password is “pietrasanta” – to improve your experience, change the transmit rate to 12 fps, and enlarge the window in your browser by clicking “command +” (on a mac) or “control +” (on a pc.) IAs of this writing, the webcam is unavailable… no telling if it’s down for maintenance or for good… you know… “siamo in Italia!”

The blog has posted some … “peculiar” (as one scupltor friend put it) movies and you can see them by clicking on the “Cinema” tab at the top of the page… or by clicking here.  Some of them have been taken down since we posted them… and we’ve posted lots of music as well. You can see all of our posts featuring classical, experimental and even some rock music, by visiting the webpage, linked here.

As all decent art blogs should, we have a Bestiary… yes… we boast a fine menagerie of the strange critters who walked the earth over the centuries. We’ve gathered sculptures, drawings, and paintings… of them, from Nepal, Mesopotamia, Ancient Rome, and the depths of the Mayan jungles… in our “Holy Bestiary!” which you can see in our menu at the top and which we link here.  C’mon, we know you’re curious… pull back the green curtain and take a peek!

If you want to take Italian classes – to improve your skills, while in Pietrasanta, we recommend Ilaria Palagi, a fine language teacher, and friend of ours – see the post with the contact info, linked here. 

We are firm believers in the power of Chinese medicine – especially acupuncture – and we were lucky to find the knowledgeable Paola Rodrigues, a practitioner of the ancient art who has a studio just minutes from the city center… you can get the contact info on a post. linked here.

Make sure you see the Museo dei Bozzetti – should you be in Pietrasanta… it’s a very compelling collection of artists’ models, and it’s located in the Cloister of Sant’Agostino, in the main square. Visit the official website, linked here, or a page with our posts about the one-of-a-kind little museum, linked here.

Visit the Comune di Pietrasanta’s official website for lists of (some of) the events happening around town, linked here.

We’ve had fun covering the art-happenings in Pietrasanta… and we thank you for reading … for your support, your patience, and your comments.

We want to thank Valentina Fogher and Alessia Lupoli at the Comune’s Culture office, for the info, sneek peeks, and for their support, in general.

“Grazie e arrivederci!”


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