“Made in Pietrasanta” ____________ Photos from the bronze foundries, sculpture studios and art laboratories by Enzo Cei


Pietrasanta – as you may have heard us say before – is a charming little town on the northwestern coast of Tuscany. It is famous the world over for the bronze foundries, and marble studios where many international artists have worked for decades – with the help of the skilled artisans – the artigiani – who help bring the artists’ visions to “life.”

We post some evocative black and white photos from “Made in Pietrasanta” a book of photos by the photographer Enzo Cei, which chronicles the life of the laboratories in the “Città D’Arte.”

Visit the photographer’s website, linked here.





Pietrasanta-artigiani“Made in Pietrasanta” 160 pages in color and black and white.
The book is in Italian and in English.
You can purchase a copy of the book for 40 euros by emailing the photographer directly at enzocei@alice.it.

The book was produced with the support of the Comune di Pietrasanta and the Fondazione della Banca del Monte di Lucca and is sponsored by the Provincia di Lucca and by the Associazione Artigianart.

We direct you here to a page, linked here, with more information on Enzo Cei’s book – and the work of other photographers who’ve documented the city’s artistic life.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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